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Personal branding, children and food photography



I'm Véronique, a UK photographer who specialises in personal branding, business headshots, children's portraits and food photography. I also like to think of myself as a light catcher and story teller. I work with natural light to create beautiful images that capture the magic and uniqueness of your brand, your children, your food and products. I work closely with the seasons and love to include nature in my photographs whenever possible. 


How can I help ?


Looking for a Nature Photographer or a Product Photographer who will take beautifully styled, outdoor, seasonal shots of your products?


Claire Marchant, founder of The Floral Garden

"Véronique has a beautiful way of seeing opportunities through her lens and always captures her subject with sensitivity. She has taken many photographs of me, my flowers and cutting gardens over the years and made a huge contribution to my website as a result." 

Véronique Sampson Photography offers Business Headshots, Personal Branding Photography, Children's portrait, School and Nursery photos, Nature and Food Photography and Styling in and around Haslemere.

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