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Capturing emotion through my lens

Veronique Sampson


Because what makes an image outstanding, remembered and celebrated

is how that image makes us feel.

"Véronique gives careful thought to your branding and ethos and vividly communicates your story through her powerful images. Her passion and enthusiasm are infectious, making the process both enjoyable and rewarding"

Hannah Thomas, founder of Herbs & Wild
"Véronique's photos of our children picking blackberries are wonderful; she's managed to capture really special moments whilst keeping the children happy and engaged which is beyond difficult with toddlers. These photographs will be treasured for ever."

Isobel, mother of Alfie and Henry
"Véronique has a beautiful way of seeing opportunities through her lens and always captures her subject with sensitivity. She has taken many photographs of my flowers and cutting gardens over the years and made a huge contribution to my website as a result." 

Claire Marchant, founder of The Floral Garden