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A professional business headshot is a really good professional investment....

Your headshot is the first thing potential clients, employers, or business partners are likely to see. Essentially, it is your first impression and introduction, especially on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. A quality headshot will make you more appealing to recruiters online, as you’ll be able to present yourself as professional, friendly, and reliable. Imagine what a recruiter or potential employer would think about your blurry photo from that party three years ago? A highly polished headshot is definitely the better choice.

When we think about headshots, we normally think of famous actors, high flying CEOs, singers, celebrities. It's serious business! What we don’t think about is the gentler side of headshot photography. The caring, sensitive side, that activates our own sense of self-worth. That’s right, the headshot is the ultimate tool for boosting your self-esteem… and that’s something that’s hard to put a price tag on.

...but it is also the ultimate tool for boosting your self esteem....


What is included:

  • 30-40 min photoshoot in a location of your choice

  • a private preview gallery where you can choose 3 images. Additional images are optional to purchase

From £95 (depending on location of venue)



So, are you ready for those professional headshots you have been putting off for ages?

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