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In today's digital age, where online presence is essential, having some high-quality photos of yourself and your business is more important than ever.

 The cost of professional photography might make you think that some DIY photos will do but your branding and imagery is somewhere you really don’t want to be cutting corners. Research shows that it only takes a few seconds to form an opinion of someone so why not put your very best self out there? 

Professional photos give you credibility and professionalism. Potential clients, investors, collaborators and future employers who find you online, either on LinkedIn or on your website or even on Facebook will take you more seriously if you have high quality photos of yourself and the products you sell. 


Not so corporate headshots!

Who said corporate headshots had to be dull and boring?


Are you looking for a handful of  images to update your LinkedIn profile or the About page of your website? Then, this service is for you.


My speciality is non boring headshots. I will take photographs that will show you at your best. 


Bespoke Personal branding

Are you looking for some bright, energetic  photos that capture your passion and tell the story behind your brand?


I work with entrepreneurs who love what they do and together we use story telling to capture every aspect of their business. 

Don't like having your photo taken?

You're not the only one! Most of the people I photograph tell me they feel very uncomfortable in front of the camera and hate having their photograph taken. 


We will chat before the shoot so by the time I come to take photographs you will know me. I will send you guidance on how to prepare for your shoot, what to wear, what to bring, you will be feel properly prepared. On the day of the shoot I can assure you that we will have fun. I will lead you to take poses that will feel both comfortable and natural at the same time and will show you in your best light. We will chat and laugh and I am confident I will produce images of you that you will like and be proud to show and display. 

 "I know that I am not alone in not enjoying being photographed and have a habit of pulling weird faces in front of a camera! I was pleasantly surprised by the experience of working with Veronique, who actually made our photo shoot fun! I now have a collection of photos that look natural, have great composition and balance, excellent lighting and that I really like."

Judith, oil painter

My photo shoots are fun!

My shoots are relaxed, informal, and always feature plenty of chatting and laughter.

From the moment you book and we have discussed the style of images you're after I will give you advice on clothing and guide you into the most flattering poses on the day of the shoot.



I will do everything in my power to make sure you enjoy the whole experience and that you end up with photos you'll love and will be proud of.

What my clients say

Many thanks for Wednesday’s photos – they are all wonderful!  I really enjoyed working with you on our little bakery project, so thank you for your patience and for working around me so well in a challenging environment!  I have used several of your images to update my main website and I think they look utterly fabulous! 

Anthea, Artisan baker, patissière and chocolatière 

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